Guidelines on Racial Diversity

by The Coalition


Guidelines on Racial Diversity provided by the Diversity Coalition:

-Encourage the industry to be inclusive of racial diversity when preparing
casting of models for their company needs.

-Ask model agencies to include and send models of color when casting. Do
not assume agents will automatically do so. It’s good for them to hear the
interest and important to see what models of color are available.

-Request models of color every season and not be limited to Spring/Summer
collections and hesitate when it becomes to Fall/Winter collections.

-When speaking to model agencies suggest to them to scout for more models
of color encouraging a better selection.

-Be open minded to models of color. Make an effort to add diversity to
your lineup. It affects how we see things globally and how we are seen as
an industry.

-Our objective is to make a shift on how the model of color is viewed so
it becomes natural to see them participating each season in a greater
number then seasons past.